CapstoneLaw stays at the forefront of the financial industry and is closely involved in legislative and sustainability initiatives.

Our primary goal is to provide exceptional advice across the entire spectrum of asset management and financial services, private markets investments, distribution, banking and financial regulations, compliance, corporate, transactional and commercial matters, as well as corporate, environmental and social governance. In close cooperation with you, we cover your financial and commercial activities across multiple jurisdictions. CapstoneLaw stays at the forefront of the financial industry and is closely involved in legislative and sustainability initiatives. We consistently attract talented attorneys, entrepreneurial consultants and multidisciplinary professionals.

Members of our team have served in leading positions with some of the world’s most successful financial, legal and consulting services firms and have backgrounds from top universities.

The combination of experienced individuals with the aspiration to consistently provide pragmatic solutions, puts us in a unique position to address your needs. We develop budgets together with you and focus on providing high-quality advice in relation to your most critical legal and business requirements. You have, at all times, immediate access to leading investment management, corporate, transactional, regulatory, compliance and sustainability advisors whose knowledge and experience span industries and geographies.

Our breadth of industry experience ensures strategic and efficient advice

Combined experience of distinguished careers in business and academia

Extensive expertise, exceptional reputation and diverse capabilities

Substantial network of industry and regulatory authority contacts

Professional advice on key legal, strategic and transactional issues

Multidisciplinary team of PhDs, LLMs, and BBAs

Graduates of top universities in Switzerland, Germany, the UK and abroad

FinSA and FinIA entered into force.

What impact does FinSA and FinIA have on the core process of your company? CapstoneLaw supports financial service providers in mastering this challenge and efficiently integrating regulatory innovations into existing processes.


Initial Training for client advisers in the field of FinSA Rules of Conduct

CAPSTONELAW Zurich is offering mandatory training for Client Advisers who shall be enrolled in theRegister of Client Advisers maintained by the stock exchange Bern in accordance with Art. 28 et seq. of the Federal Act on Financial Services of 15 June 2018 (“FinSA”).